We never stop developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions.


Our Products and Services

We never stop developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions.

We offer custom fabricated sign products across all sectors, Public and Private organizations, Commercial and Residential, Hospitality, Government and Public Space, Retail and Residential. As part of our services, we design, estimate, fabricate and implement, handling an entire project from start to finish all in one place.



We provide a large array of sign products compliant with the American Disabilities Act. Usually the most in need of ADA signs are condos, hotels, hospitals and government buildings.
All of our ADA signs come with Braille, raised symbols, for the visually impaired required by Federal Law.  ADA Signs can be printed in many different materials. Some of they are:

– Aluminum Composite Material
– Acrylic
– Metal
– Glass
– Wood
– Leather


Miami Sign Industry provides visual communications solutions to help people get to their destinations. We guide our clients in recognizing strategic locations to display Wayfinding Signage so people can avoid any confusion or trouble finding their way around any facilities.



Freestanding sign that is low to the ground, displaying your message at eye height and incorporates beautifully with your landscaping. These signs come in various shapes, colors, letters and different lighting techniques can be applied.



Every parking garage needs Clearance Bars to ensure that all vehicles entering will not get damaged. So we would not only help you with the interior and exterior of your project but also with your parking garage.



Miami Sign Industry is able to accommodate and create an exterior signage that will help advertise your business:

Background Panel

A sign panel where letters or graphical elements are attached.

Background Backlit Sign

Light source in a console with one or more translucent faces, making it an illuminated sign, perfect for visibility at night. Usually square or rectangular shape.


Banners are usually used to make special announcements, restaurant’s grand openings or any kind of events you would like to promote. They usually are digitally printed, or maybe painted, on a fabric material.

Channel Letters

Custom-made metal or plastic letters, independently mounted to a wall or any other surface and internally illuminated with a covered faced.

Die Cut Aluminum Letters/Numbers

Custom-made aluminum letters or numbers, independently mounted.


A shallow recess section of a wall or an arched opening where usually banners are placed in the shape of the niche.

Reverse Channel Letters

A channel letter with no back and mounted away from the wall, causing a light to form a halo effect behind the sign.


Projected Signs

Ceiling hanging customized signs to support your space with an elegant and distinctive visual way to indicate places within a room. Excellent for large spaces. For exterior use, it can be attached along building’s structure.

Temporary Sign

Any sign that will be used for a limited time. Often used in construction sites until construction is over and permanent ones are needed.


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